Inspirational Quotes for Life

Most of the time, the combination of right words spoken at the right time is all the encouragement that you need. Whether they be from a fictional character or spoken by someone IRL, the impact that these quotes have can never be underestimated. These quotes have the potential to inspire […]

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Lessons and Regrets Over a Dear Friend’s Passing

Regret brings a certain bitterness to your tongue. It’s a thought or a feeling you’d rather not have. But it always lingers. And as a social experiment proved,  regrets usually come with the word “not“. And here be one my deepest regrets. One that gives me ultimate sadness every time […]

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4 Reminders for a Successful Career Change

I’ve recently had a career change. I moved to Operations from being in Admin for about three years. It’s not so far off from my previous position, though instead of calculating growth and creating plans to increase market share, I went to giving out solutions on how customers can take […]

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Review

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a short story written by James Thurber. And though the film  adaptation has taken liberties with the plot and the details, Walter Mitty’s charm didn’t fade. In fact, the movie has enhanced Walter’s vivid imagination and amplified all the reasons we can all […]

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Chef – A Comedy-Drama Film on Family, Life and Passion

Chef has got to be one of the most realistic, ordinary and yet captivating films about a family that I’ve ever seen in a long, long while. It’s not pretending to be deep or profound. It doesn’t have those significantly long silent frames but is consists of authentic life scenarios that […]

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Getting the Courage to Be Yourself, Because Everyone Else is Taken

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken

One great advantage of living in our time is that you can be whoever you want to be. It’s also one of the greatest ironies, since most decide to be just like everyone else. You can say that your influences, the media, and this converging world confuse you more than […]

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    There’s a sadness to the music, Something that feels heavy and unsure. Like footsteps, neither going forward nor back.   The heartstrings pull the melody And my insides coil. Something thick is blocking my mind’s eye.   The music then began to mellow But the ringing in my […]

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What Really Goes on Behind The Most Powerful Marketing Campaigns

What Goes on Behind the Most Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that latest campaign you’ve seen of us was done just so you’d react exactly the way you do right now. Yes, we keep track of you and we do our best to know you. There are times when we don’t get it, but whenever […]

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I, Daniel Blake – A Social Movie with a Kafkaesque Take on State Welfare System

With his fist raised in the air, Daniel Blake stood before the graffiti he made on the walls of State Welfare. This protest will be his first offense after being a citizen of good standing for 50 years. And some weeks later, he dies. OF STATE WELFARE AND SOCIAL CONTRACTS […]

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America First and the Global Race to be in Second

AMERICA FIRST, WHO WANTS TO BE SECOND? The race to come in second after America is turning into a most interesting battle of wits and satire. After Holland’s Introductory Video became viral, several other TV shows from different countries followed suit. The competition has since become very steep. Each video […]

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