America First and the Global Race to be in Second


The race to come in second after America is turning into a most interesting battle of wits and satire. After Holland’s Introductory Video became viral, several other TV shows from different countries followed suit. The competition has since become very steep.

Each video highlights the uniqueness of each country – nature, technology, culture and people. Each shows what they can offer, how they’re very compatible with America and how some of their leaders (past and present) are so similar to Donald Trump.

I especially love the segments where they highlight “alternative facts” and even alienated some of their own customs and history.

While some grovelled to be in second place, a few just wished to be at least in the top 10.

While some just want to be ahead of others:

Israel just has a cheeky reminder though:


Through these videos, you’ll learn about the quirks and weird traditions that each country has. The ironic turns of their history  which are sometimes funny and sometimes painful. And of course, how countries are very similar to people when it comes to biases and beliefs.

Of course, none of these are official political videos. They’re just meant to be amusing. And if you can see anything more than that, well, you’re so entitled to it. It’s your opinion anyway.  

Watch more introductory videos on EverySecondCounts.Org.

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