Up North Adventures Part II: Nature Tripping at La Union, Baler and Subic

Up North Adventures Part II - Featured Image

This is Up North Adventures Part II! Now you get to have a glimpse of La Union, Baler and Subic! It’s business that I came for the former and leisure for the other two. These places define nature tripping at its finest!

La Union

Since I didn’t exactly came to La Union as a tourist, there’s only a few interesting places that I can share with you. Aside from the famous spots, the drive along the country side is something you’d enjoy (especially when you’re in the passenger seat).

Urbiztondo Beach: Surf Capital of the North

Just a stone throw away from San Juan Surf Hotel, the shores of Urbiztondo Beach is host to the province’s most anticipated surfing festival. Too bad we weren’t there for that. The receptionist said it’s usually held in October.

Halo-Halo De Iloko

For a quick detour, we dropped by this infamous halo-halo place in San Fernando City – Halo-halo de Iloko. Halo-halo is a native dessert – a mixture of sweetened fruits, milk, and ice cream sitting on a pile of crushed ice. It’s the perfect fix during summer.

Halo-Halo de Iloko has been featured on a television show and highly commended by celebrities. The place exudes this tribal, rustic vibe but the food itself is served with an enormous tropic touch. The halo-halo is served in a coconut, complete with mini-umbrella on the side. It’s aesthetically pleasing, is all I can say. You be the judge of its taste. Nothing so spectacular in that aspect, IMHO.


Recently, there’s a clamor from the people of the South to go visit this place 274km from Manila. Baler’s popularity is on the rise. Check out the places that we’ve been:

Millennium Tree

Contrary to its name, this enormous tree is actually a parasite. Balete is a parasite that lives off of its host, and this one has been doing so for the last 600 years. With 60m in crown diameter and 65m in height, it’s the Biggest Balete Tree in Asia. You can go through the tree by going under and over it’s twisted branches and roots.

Diguisit Bay

The jutting rock formations and the irregular shoreline of Diguisit bay make it a sight to behold. This pebbly beach lies 13.9km from Sabang.

Mother Falls

If you’re up for a bit of hike, then you should go see Mother Falls. Vehicle parking area is a bit far from where the hike actually starts so bring all your essentials with you. There’s no “formal” accommodation here, so if you decide to bathe in the falls, you got to trek down and change in one of the local shops.  The coconut fields on the slopes plus the challenging track along the river makes the trip worth it.

Mother Falls, Baler
Mother Falls, Baler. The water’s cool and refreshing.

In and Around Town

We also went around town to explore other interesting sites. The Hanging Bridge is a joy to jumped on. There’s a small museum here, featuring oil paintings, religious artifacts and treasured photos of Manuel and Aurora Quezon. You can see historical markers along some streets. And as in anywhere in the Philippines, if the Church is within sight, you’d be sure to find the town hall and the market close by.



I like the roads going to Central Luzon. They just seem to stretch on forever. And the silhouette of the mountain range in front of you just urge you to move onward.

Roads Going to Subic
I always think that roads up north are well-made. They’re perfect for when you just want to get away for a while. Just look at the heavens and is that really mist rising from the ground?

Subic Bay

Subic Bay, Early Morning
Subic Bay. Bring out the picnic baskets! This is going to be a wonderful day!

Ocean Adventure

Yep, as the name implies, this place highlights creatures from the ocean! So have a video of cute dolphins strutting their stuff to some hip dance craze!

That’s all for my tours up north and central Luzon. I may be able to travel to other provinces soon. If you want to recommend more interesting places, share it on the comments box below!

As always, thanks for dropping by!

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