What Really Goes on Behind The Most Powerful Marketing Campaigns

What Goes on Behind the Most Powerful Marketing Campaigns
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that latest campaign you’ve seen of us was done just so you’d react exactly the way you do right now. Yes, we keep track of you and we do our best to know you. There are times when we don’t get it, but whenever we do, it goes down so good, you’ll never knew what hit you. And we’d always, always leave you wanting more of it. In fact, it may stay on your system for days, years or your lifetime. It’s not magic, nor rocket science. It’s Marketing.

Marketing Campaign
When we put something up, we make sure that it’s something you’d at least notice.
Campaigns aim to affect your perception. It conditions your mind to think in a certain way, to manifest behaviors that would best serve the brand’s purpose. The goal is to get you to the place where we want you. All these without being so obvious. How do we do that? Take note of how we communicate. We anchor our messages to your beliefs, we made them stand on your values, we rest them in your hopes. We’d make you feel like you’re standing in front of the Mirror of Erised, you’ll see everything that you ever want.
Because at the most basic level of consumption is the idea of needs and wants. You may need food, but you wouldn’t just have any food. There would always be something that you’d want more than anything else. And when you back this up with money, then a purchase transaction happens. That’s our moment of truth. It’s the ultimate test of how well we facilitated your journey. We finally got you where we want you. And sometimes, we also influence the time when you’d want more of what we offer. Or the how’d you want the offer to be.

Product Choices
Campaigns let you on the choices that you have.
Don’t misconstrue Marketing. We’re not here to deceive you. To think of consumers as pushovers or fools belittles our industry. We hold you in high esteem. We want to believe that a brand stands out because the best people support it, because it makes so much sense to have it in your life.

The Market
The market has become more sophisticated, more critical and more discriminating than ever.
Also, we’re bound by law to tell you the truth. We just talk in way that you’d find it hard not to listen, we present in a way that you can’t help but be engaged, we act in a way that you’d find it hard not to talk about it with others. And we change because that’s just how you are.
And because, well, we Marketers are all brilliant like that!

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