Three Things You Can Do When Facing Possibilities


Possibilities spell out the likelihood of an event or thing from happening. You can also say that they prelude changes. And like life itself, possibilities aren’t just about dealing with solid negative or flat-out positive outcomes. They’re also filled with gray areas. After all, nobody ever has 100% information every time.

Instead of freezing up in the face of possibilities, here’s what you can do:

1. Get your facts straight.

You got to establish the premise that the possibility can exist at all. Look at the proof or evidence. How do they support or disprove the possibility? Though intuition can get you far, hard facts and evidences keep you grounded on reality and help you come up with a sensible plan.

2. Pick your stance.

Your attitude toward possibilities depends on their impact to your life. This means that you’re most likely to act indifferent if the possibility is less likely to happen and if it happens, it wouldn’t affect you that much. This is a case of live and let live.

It gets trickier though, when a possibility is more likely to happen and can greatly affect your life. You have to think about how the outcome can be an advantage or a disadvantage to you. Of course, when you identify it as an advantage, you may be excited or overjoyed! But if it’s a disadvantage, you may be frightened and anxious. These emotions are understandable, but useless. The possibility is more likely to happen, anyway. So you better get your act together.

3. Develop a plan and stick to it.

Whether it’s a positive or negative outcome, you need a plan on how to face the situation when it happens. When you identify the possibility as an advantage, determine how you can maximize it. Will it so that others can benefit from it as well. Express gratitude and infect others with positivism.

If the possibility would have an adverse effect, brace yourself. Identify the specific aspect of your life that will be hit the most. Is there any way to limit or minimize its effect? Determine the time frame that you’ll be working on. This will help you set priorities. You can also ask for help. In times when you don’t have enough answers, look for people who can fill in the blanks for you. You’ll never be 100% ready, so leave a room for faith. Everything does work at the end, but the essence of the plan is to carry you through it all so that you can reach the end.

In both cases, practice caution. Great expectations over possibilities with great advantages may lead to misery when they unfold in ways you failed to anticipate. And to fill your days with anxiety is to miss on other awesome things that life can offer.
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